Construction Diary

Plans for the town were drawn up during late March 2005. They were formally approved in
early June. 2005.We had been promised some "skilled" help but the guy concerned
pulled out at the last possible moment.Morale was at rock bottom. Grim-faced the
three remaining members of the work team ( none of whom had building experience)
ie myself (Alistair), my brother Stan, & Billy Beaton resolved to carry on. Construction
began in late June, 2005.In late August two pals from the NW of England came up for a week, Skeat & Daisy to help us raise the roof.What follows is a photo diary of the construction of the saloon.

1) First we marked out the site for the building prior to laying the foundation blocks.

2) Next we laid the floor frame & floor on top of the blocks


4) The remaining walls were built & fitted. It involved a hell of a lot of work & a hell of lot of timber.

3)Late August,next we built & and fitted the gable walls.

6)Making & fitting the roof trusses was probably the hardest job of all.

5)Covering the saloon with felt to provide a damp proof cover.

8)A couple of the saloons first customers!

7) Our first building virtually complete. This is now the town's focal point where hopefully western enthusiasts from a' the airts will have many a good time for years to come.It may be in Scotland but you'd swear it was way out west!