What Our Visitors Think

Tranquility has seen many visitors since its inception. Especially for those who have yet to visit Tranquility I thought you might like to read some of the comments they left behind.......

"Seeing you complete the saloon made me proud of a Scotsman that can achieve a goal & so create interest from people all over the country" WM

"What you are doing is truly  remarkable & unique.You should be proud." GC

"Thanks for showing us around , it was amazing." SP

"Thanks for a thrilling weekend at Tranquility". DR

"It really is an amazing place he has chosen for his develpoment..." EC

"A visit to Tranquility is as good as a visit to a Health Spa!" DL

" You come away from Tranquility thinking that these cowboys & cowgirls have put in years of hard work & you know it has paid off just listening to the kids talking about how cool a place Tranquility is & asking so many questions..."  BD

"I've been a "Western fan" for many, many years and I had heard of Tranquility a few years ago, however the first opportunity I had of getting there was April this year and I was certainly impressed - as you drive up the long slope towards the town you reach the crest of the slope and the town buildings stand out against the horizon - it's like going back in time about 150 years - in fact my only disappintment was that I didn't get there before!! I signed up immediately and now try to get up there as often as possible. It's a real friendly bunch of folks who are always ready to help, advise and, what's more, it's really great fun."  MJ

"One of my favourite ever The Scots Magazine features! Thanks, Ally and the other Tranquility gunslingers!"  WG  (Freelance Features Writer)