A small group of wildwest enthusiasts have constructed a wee wild west town near the Glendronach Distillery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The saloon was the first building to be completed in early 2006. The second building (at the top of the photo) the Marshal's Office, was completed in April 2007 while the Bank was completed in September 2007. The General Store was completed in November 2007, the Carpenter/Undertakers Shop was completed in April 2008 & the Town Hall in September 2008. A Telegraph Office was added in August 2010.  In addition to the corral, well & cemetery, when complete the town will have eight fully functional buildings.
Tranquility is a place where wild west enthusiasts can meet to "chew the fat",test their skills in old west sports such as shooting, knife & axe throwing , horseshoe pitching, rehearse for upcoming events etc & socialise in the evenings around a campfire or around a card table inside the saloon. And it's a place where members can exchange ideas & help increase one another's knowledge about the hobby. Additionally members from time to time organise film making projects.
Some of the members of Tranquility have also formed a wild west reenactment group known as the
Northern Rough Riders ( NRR). The NRR have performed &/ 0r provided living history displays at the Scottish Boat Festival, the Lourin Fair, the RAF Leuchars Airshow etc & we have entertained handicapped groups & been hired for corporate events.
We are currently looking for more members for both groups. So if you have a passion for the wildwest or an unfulfilled ambition to dress up in western gear & become a cowboy/girl, a lawman, or maybe an outlaw, or an Indian, a pioneer or a soldier then please get in touch....

Tranquility is privately owned & only open to the general public on certain days of the year. To find out when we have our next Round Up / Open Day please message us on Facebook 


Anyone wishing more information about Tranquility Wild West Town or the Northern Rough Riders should contact us on Facebook  or email...tranquility_town@hotmail.co.uk

Watch a trailer for one of our movie projects 


And a complete short western movie we made



Watch a video feature from STV about Tranquility & its members.


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